Chairman’s Message

With each passing year, my belief in value based education, has grown stronger. I believe that happiness is an uninterrupted activity and I am going ahead with my dreams with the wholehearted support of my ROYAL FAMILY. I have followed Mahatma Gandhi’s saying “Real education means knowledge of duty and building of character”.

Our family always believe in flourishing and nurturing a supportive environment. It has bridged the gap between child’s potential and achievement. Our teachers and counsellors capitalize on each child’s strength while simultaneously addressing areas of weaknesses. We have strived for a delicate balance between “addressing unique needs” and “raising the standard” for each student to achieve maximum learning. We have believed not only in physical and mental developments of our pupils, but also believe in inculcating in them with humanitarian qualities.

Here, I take the opportunity to congratulate you all on your success in the Board Examination & also welcome you all to the lap of Royal family. Wish you all the best for a bright future.

B.M. Mohanty